Vow Renewal Ceremonies Toowoomba

Vow renewalThrough ceremonies, we express feelings that we can never quite express in any other way.
People hold ceremonies to celebrate the most important events of life.
Couples choose to renew their marriage vows for many reasons.

Some couples believe that they have progressed in their relationship or that something  has changed that makes them want to make this occasion, something  different from their wedding day. They choose to make new promises that express more appropriately their developed relationship now.

Your vow renewal ceremony can be formal or very relaxed, but its most important attribute, is to express what the two of you want to say about your relationship now.

Reasons you may want to have a vow renewal:

  • You wish to formally express your love and gratitude to each other, before family and friends.
  • You want to celebrate your 5-year, 10-year, 25-year etc. wedding anniversary.
  • Your first wedding had some element of which you were unhappy about.
  • You want a more elaborate celebration than the first.
  • You have had some rocky times in your marriage and would like to reaffirm your commitment.

Whatever the reason, I will guide you and develop and present for you a ceremony that will reflect and express all the feelings you are holding inside.

My darling, it has been twenty-five years since we took our first vows and committed our lives as one, and it seems like we have been together forever .

From the moment of our betrothal, I knew that our lives would be special; as you are not only my wife but you are truly my best friend.

We have been through some rough times over the years, a number of ups and downs, laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, but my love for you has never waned, only grown stronger.

I love you more than I did then and will keep on loving you through all the stages of our life and if possible into eternity.

Today in the presence of our children, I would like to renew my vows and again pledge my love and my life to you forever as long as we shall live.

Whatever the future may hold for us, we will always have our love and each other, and for me that is enough

I love you with all my heart.


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