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because I care

When the person
we simply can't live without
crosses our path, it is truly a gift,
and the wedding that
celebrates this, is indeed,
a very happy occasion"

Toowoomba marriage celebrant

My services

Toowoomba marriage celebrant

My services to you are all the assistance you require as well as  a complete choice of ceremony.

Personal commitment by a couple is enhanced by their own involvement in the preparation of the ceremony.I will supply you with appropriate research reading material and help you prepare your ceremony.

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Toowoomba marriage celebrant

I have been honoured over the past six years to be invited to facilitate at many naming ceremonies in Toowoomba and on the Downs.

Without exception, each and every one of these ceremonies is a very individual and personal event for all family and friends present. Whether a name giving is being celebrated for a baby, a child, or an adult, it is a fulfilling and meaningful occasion, and often, quite an emotional experience.

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Toowoomba marriage celebrant

Through ceremonies, we express feelings that we can never quite express in any other way.

People hold ceremonies to celebrate the most important events of life. Couples choose to renew their marriage vows for many reasons. Some couples believe that they have progressed in their relationship or that something  has changed that makes them want to make this occasion, something  different from their wedding day. They choose to make new promises that express more appropriately their developed relationship now.

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Joan Kavanagh


About Joan

Toowoomba marriage celebrant

Toowoomba marriage celebrant


Experienced fulltime celebrant, professional advice.

I assure you of a fresh, unique, caring, especially memorable ceremony to meet your requirements.

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