Name Giving Ceremonies Toowoomba

Toowoomba naming ceremonyI have been honoured over the past six years to be invited to facilitate at many naming ceremonies in Toowoomba and on the Downs.
Without exception, each and every one of these ceremonies is a very individual and personal event for all family and friends present.

A naming ceremony is an age old tradition going back to the early days of the Romans, but for different reasons than we celebrate them today.
Whether a name giving is being celebrated for a baby, a child, or an adult, it is a fulfilling and meaningful occasion, and often, quite an emotional experience.
It is an opportunity to welcome a child into the family and circle of friends, and for all those involved, to acknowledge the important increased responsibility they now assume in the child’s development.
As well as parents being involved in the ceremony it gives the Godparents[sponsors, mentors] and Grandparents and friends, the chance to express their wishes and  love for the child.

I  have a library of sample naming ceremonies, readings special effects that will assist you  in creating a loving and meaningful ceremony.

One which reflects your thoughts and wishes for your child, whilst expressing joy, hope and promise of a long, happy and fulfilling life.


Imagine a month of Sundays, each one a cloudy day.

Imagine the moment the sun came shining through.

Imagine that ray of sunshine as you.

Make believe that the sun is your lucky star,

And then understand the kind of gift you are.

The gift you are like the very first day of spring.

The gift you are, all the joy that love can bring.

Dream of a bright tomorrow;

Know that your dream will come true.

Carry your dream in a sparkling crystal jar,

Then you will know the kind of gift you are.

The gift you are, all of our dreams come true.

The gift you are, the gift of you.


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